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Beware latest Craigslist Stockton scam

Craigslist Stockton, CA – San Joaquin County Prosecutors warn real estate agents who are looking for rental homes of a new scam that deceives Craigslist shoppers.

The scam involves a perpetrator posting information on Craigslist about homes that an agent has listed for a short sale. Pictures of the property Mac Fitness are included in the fraudulent post.

The perpetrator creates an email address on Yahoo using the agent’s name. The con artist will immediately offer a lease to a potential renter if the renter sends an email inquiry.

The prosecutor’s office states that the message contained a note stating that the sender needs to “take care of my home while I’m away from the country”.

The deal is a con artist’s way to quickly make money on property that isn’t theirs, according to Lt. Robert Buchwalter, San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Investigations Bureau.

He said that today’s housing market is in the cons’ favor.

Buchwalter stated that they have an inexhaustible supply of homes that they could list on Craigslist. He added that it was almost impossible to arrest the perpetrator so he is trying to educate the public about ways to avoid this rip-off.

Buchwalter offered simple steps that consumers can follow:

  • Do not enter into a deal if the only way to communicate with the landlord is via the Internet.
  • Do not believe anyone who claims they are traveling abroad or that they need to wire the money.
  • Ask for a walkthrough before you pay. Also, meet the agent or landlord in person.

If you are thinking about renting property online, make sure to check the address with the Multiple Listing Service or talk with a local agent.

Craigslist Stockton, California residents have used Craigslist for years to sell their items. This site is a great place to post classified ads online where sellers and buyers can connect. The site lists appliances, furniture and cars and trucks as well as recreation vehicles, homes for rent and homes for sale. There has been a significant increase in scam ads on the site. While some of these scam ads are obvious, others are more complex and can make it difficult to distinguish which ones are genuine and which are fakes. These are five money-scams to avoid when you use Craigslist Stockton.

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