Celestia Ludenberg: Outfit – Making Of Guide

The Celestia Ludenberg outfit-making guide is now open! When I started my Celestia Ludenberg costume, I didn’t save stream footage. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it after I was done. After I had finished the wig, it dawned on me that this was a project I might want to turn into a tutorial. I began saving the footage. I was able to create the tutorial for the wig! Unfortunately, I’m missing some footage to start the cosplay.

Celestia Ludenberg

This is exactly how I made my own outfit. This guide will require extensive sewing experience for many of the parts. Although I will try to make this project understandable for everyone, it is not the best for someone with little sewing experience. If you feel overwhelmed by the sewing sections, I recommend that you look for similar sewing patterns to modify or use. Since I make all my own patterns I cannot give Forest Wedding any recommendations.


Celeste’s blouse is not consistent. It is depicted as a button-down, solid white blouse in Celeste’s illustration art. It is a black blouse with white trim, placket and collar. I chose the latter.


This section of the project was so complex and took so much time that it required a separate write-up and tutorial. You can find this video tutorial here.

Celestia Ludenberg Wig Tutorial


The skirt is an easy part of cosplay. Although it has some strange layering, the skirt is a simple rectangle that’s attached to other rectangles.

Celestia Ludenberg Socks

These socks are simple. I used a pair of black socks that were thigh-high, and then gathered and sewn the same lace as the skirt. I added some eyelet lace to top it, and finished it off with a ribbon.

Taobao is a shopping site that allows you to purchase shoes. You can search for “Celestia Ludenberg” shoes to find similar ones.

Here it is, the complete Celestia Ludenberg Outfit Creating Of Guide! This guide was completed approximately 4 years after the cosplay was created. I did not have enough images to make it complete, but I hope it will be helpful for anyone who is interested in cosplaying Celeste or similar characters.

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