Three Ways to Use “Blue Sandstone” in Your Life

Blue sandstone, a deep blue crystal that resembles a galaxy, is mesmerizing. Learn the history behind this magical stone and how it can support your mind, body and soul.

A mesmerizing deep blue crystal that resembles a galaxy has appeared everywhere if you are a crystal enthusiast. Due to its unique shine and sparkly nature,  has become a popular choice in online healing gemstone shops.

This special crystal, also known as “blue goldstone” or “star stone”, is a man-made creation. You might wonder if blue Sandstone is a healing crystal or whether it has any positive properties. The answer is yes.

This guide will help you if you are Warriors Hockey Gloves thinking of buying a blue Sandstone, or if you already own one and don’t know what to do with it. Learn the history of blue sandstone, as well as three ways that you can use it to support your mind and body.

Blue Sandstone’s Origins

It is not clear how sandstone and blue-sandstone were created. Crystal experts believe that it can be traced back as far as the 17th century to the Miottis from Venice. It was a family of glassmakers that allegedly invented the technique that led to the creation of sandstone today.

Pietro Bigaglia (another glassmaker artisan) made this technique public in 1907. Others believe that sandstone was formed and forged by monastic orders in medieval times. They called it “monks’ gold”.

Technically speaking, Sandstone and Blue Sandstone are both made from quartz sand. They have been heated and melted before being infused with other particles such as copper, feldspar and manganese to give them their vibrant and cheery colors.

Although this crystal is not found in nature, it contains all natural-occurring minerals that have beneficial properties that can have positive impacts on your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

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