New Cabrillo Gym “Mac Fitness” is the ‘Best in County’

The Precision Wellness Center is a state of the art Wellness facility that has just opened in Cabrillo College’s heart. The building was unused for three consecutive years before that.

“This is the bond money they used a few years back to build the facility. Jamey Harris, manager of Precision Mac Fitness Wellness Tandigm Health Center, stated that they did not have a budget to operate the facility.

Harris Stated that the Solution was to Privatize the Facility so that Students and staff could still use it

The 11,000-square foot facility invites them in with its high ceilings, new machines and beautiful group exercise area. It’s great that staff and students who have remained in the same empty building for more than three years receive significant discounts.

It looks beautiful and is waiting for students, staff, weekend warriors, and serious athletes. But it’s much more than your average gym.

Harris stated that it is “the best in the county.” Harris also noted that the Wellness Center is the ideal place for anyone who needs rehabilitation from injury, training for sports, or one-on-one coaching.

James Vegher, Chris Christensen and the Precision Wellness Physical Therapy office have been in Soquel for eighteen years. Their expertise shines through in this new gym’s philosophy.

Vegher stated that “Because our physical therapists emphasize movement, it’s ideal to people at any level of the Mac fitness spectrum from physical therapy and specific sports training.”

A basic membership covers the gym or all classes. An all-encompassing membership includes the best services, which is where the physical therapy elements really shine.

Vegher stated, “We will have sports enhancement programs specific to your sport so they’ll specifically be for soccer or baseball.”

A new course, Precision Mechanics, was also Created by the Team

It’s a small group class that is run by a physical therapist or doctor. It is meant to help the body achieve more optimal patterns of movement. It’s a class that is similar to pilates, but the movements are more focused on activating the core.” Vegher said.

  • Vegher said he was thrilled to be able to work with Cabrillo students and staff.
  • Classes range from pilates and yoga to Zuumba and body sculpting, as well as senior’s Mac fitness classes.

The “Pre-Enrollment Period” runs from now through August 26. Jamey Harris, a running coach and massage therapist, will be available to take you on a tour Monday through Friday.

Cabrillo College students have access to a state-of-the-art gym that they can use all day. You can enroll in any of the Mac fitness classes!

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