Tandigm Health: Expands its Patient

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN (Pa BUSINESS WIIRE)–Tandigm Health (“Tandigm”) announced today a new expansion in its patient base. Tandigm is a world-renowned population health service organization. Tandigm will now enable its network of primary-care physicians and specialists to provide value-based care for Medicare Advantage preferred provider organisation (PPO) members. This includes Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice 65 PPO plan members. Tandigm is further expanding its reach into the population management for PPO populations.

CEO Frank Ingari stated

PPO plans are becoming more popular as patients seek flexibility and quality. Tandigm Health CEO Frank Ingari stated that Tandigm is ready to fulfill this demand and provide patient-centered care for the growing population. “This is a natural strategic evolution for us and we are thrilled to collaborate with Independence Salveo Integrative Health to provide high-value care for Medicare Advantage PPO patients.”

Tandigm Health has been helping physicians

Tandigm has been helping physicians succeed in value-based medicine since 2014. It provides capital, technology, tools and clinical support to doctors from multiple specialties. Tandigm now has more than 1,300 physicians and specialists as well as an in-house team made up of clinicians and support staff. Tandigm manages more than 100,000 patients in Philadelphia, including Humana Medicare Advantage members.

Tandigm is a market leader for value-based healthcare and continues to expand its network of partners with healthcare organizations who share its mission to improve healthcare quality.

Tandigm Health

Tandigm Health is committed to improving the quality of care provided by physicians and lowering costs. This is done through a proactive, more coordinated model. Tandigm Health provides greater resources and tools to physicians in multiple specialties to enable them to deliver coordinated, patient-centered care.

What is Tandigm Health?

Aims to improve Primary Care Physicians’ ability to deliver the best possible care, so that patients are healthy and remain healthy. Primary care physicians (PCPs), are the best people to help patients navigate a complex and costly healthcare system. Our innovative clinical, technological, and informational tools allow our PCP network to better understand and provide the best care possible for their patients. We also provide support for dedicated clinical teams and innovative care delivery models to enable physicians to give the best patient care in the right setting at the right time.

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