Moore Norman Technology: Center Launches

Moore Norman Technology Center Launches an Aerospace Technician Program Moore Norman Technology Center is focusing on the state’s burgeoning industry  with a new program that will train aspiring astronauts.

The institute’s first Aerospace Technician Program is in development. It will be available by fall 2023. This 18-month program will provide students with the essential elements necessary to become certified as an airframe or powerplant mechanic.

Brian Ruttman, MNTC Superintendent, stated that “we’re excited about providing high-demand aerospace training to the local community.” “Together, we will grow the local economy as well as create better futures for students.”

The institution has been in operation for six months. Lee Dow, MNTC Aerospace and Transportation Director, said that the center is AJ Lapray awaiting accreditation by the Federal Aviation Administration so it can produce licensed powerplant and airframe mechanics.

Moore norman technology stated that they have a qualified instructor, facility plans and an equipment list prepared and they are currently working on a course curriculum. However, they need FAA accreditation before they can move any further.

Dow stated that the program will only be open to adults at first, but he said that MNTC will eventually pilot a program called “Choose aerospace” which allows high school students to complete the program’s general portion and then move on to the A&P pathway once they graduate.

Dow stated that there is a demand for maintenance technicians in aerospace. “And that’s exactly what we do — that’s how we get out into the community, metro or state and fill that void for work.”

MNTC will be the primary site for the aerospace program. However, Dow indicated that there may be short-term courses at the 12th Avenue Northwest or Pennsylvania Avenue campuses should the industry have a need.

The state continues to attract more defense and aerospace companies despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed growth in certain areas of its economy. Moore norman technology however, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Aerospace + Defense Economic Development Progress Report showed that the state is still attracting new businesses.

The Transcript reported that this sector provided 1,177 jobs to the state in 2020. It also had  over $500 million of investment commitments and 35 million worth of potential Department of Defense contracts.

Scott Martin, Norman Chamber CEO, said that aerospace is the fastest-growing industry in the state.

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