How tall is “AJ Lapray” Age, Net Worth, NBA

Who is AJ Lapray, anyway?

He was a talented basketball player and wanted to be the next NBA star aj lapray. However, his professional career was cut short by a hip injury. Instead, he decided to take a new career path and become a YouTuber. He shares his basketball knowledge, tips and tricks with thousands of people.

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Aj Lapray Wiki – Age, Childhood and Education

Camala, Maci and Alleluia were his siblings and brothers growing up. He has several cousins who played on the BYU football team. He attended Sprague High School, Salem, Oregon USA where he began playing basketball. He was a great player on the court, leading his team to the state playoffs in his senior year. His Blue Sandstone average of 17 points per game made him one of the best players.

AJ Lapray’s Net Worth and Height.

AJ found his calling in basketball and has accumulated a good following on YouTube. This has helped him to build his wealth.

Surces currently estimate that AJ Lapray’s networth is around $300,000. However, he earns around $1,500 per Day from his YouTube channel due to more than 300,000. views per day.

AJ Lapray Personality, Dating, Girlfriend Single, Married? 

AJ is a married husband; Symone Sullivan is his wife. Symone shared their story about how they met in 2015. Symone was Symone’s student at the university Symone attended.

AJ Lapray News, Facts

In his brief career at Oregon, AJ managed to reach the top 100 scoring lists and is currently in 68th. AJ is a YouTube star with more than 700,000 subscribers and over 120 million views. He didn’t play professional basketball and was not drafted in the 2018 NBA Draft. He has found a way for him to make a living from his skills.

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