Jesse Posey: Star Jesse of ‘Selena,’ Reveals

Jesse Posey plays Chris Perez, Selena’s bandmate, and the love of Selena’s life in ‘Selena: The Series. He speaks EXCLUSIVELY to HL about Chris’ love for Selena and what he learned from the series.

Selena: The Series has been a hugely popular Netflix series, and Jesse Posey is a part of this amazing ensemble cast. He plays Chris Fashion Illustration Perez who is Selena Quintanilla’s bandmate and later becomes her husband. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Jesse about his decision to take on such a prominent role.

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Jesse acknowledged that he didn’t know much about Selena before signing up for the series. However, he loved the freedom that it gave him to embody Chris. Jesse also spoke out about the many lessons he learned from Selena: The Series and his close relationship with Christian Serratos. Check out our Q&A.

Before you played Chris Perez, how familiar were your memories of Jesse Posey Selena’s music?

Jesse Posey – To be completely honest, I didn’t know much. My mom is Mexican and I grew up with her Mexican family. There was always mariachi music on the radio, and we would often go to my grandparents’ house. Although we had some Mexican culture, we didn’t really get into Selena. Although I didn’t really learn much about her until I was offered the role, I am glad it did. For my character, I only had to learn a few things. He loved the guitar and he loved his girl. He was not in love with the legacy. He was in love with the person. It gave me the chance to learn more about their love and learn about Selena as a person. It was a wonderful thing that it worked out that way. It allowed me to do the things I wanted and did what they asked me. Because I am so knowledgeable about the subject, I have become a big fan.

There is so much information available about Selena or Chris. How was the research process?

Jesse Posey: Since he was young, I have watched many videos on YouTube. He did a long interview that I listened to many times. It was probably his first public conversation with anyone since her death. It seemed to me like the most raw form of him I could find. It was very insightful. It displayed a lot emotions. It was hard for Selena to understand his feelings about Selena when he was alive. But, if you watch him, and see how he felt after Selena’s death, you can really get a sense of what he felt and what impact it had. That one was a favorite. I also looked at things of him before his death to see how happy he was and how much he loved music. It helped me get a sense of how he spoke and interacted with others.

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