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About VolNation Nation

VolNation, a nation of medium size, most developed and elderly, is 456 days old. Its citizens are mainly Caucasian, with Christianity as their religion. Its citizens are amazed at the incredible technological advancements made within their country. Many people hate their government because of the high taxes they pay. VolNation citizens work hard to produce Iron and Pigs for their country. When it comes to foreign affairs, it is mostly neutral. It will only attack another country if it is attacked first. VolNation is currently investigating nuclear ios technology to be used in nuclear power plants, but believes that nuclear weapons should not be allowed. VolNation’s military has been stationed at all border crossings, and is currently pursuing all drug traffickers. VolNation allows citizens to protest against their government, but has a strong police force that monitors the situation and arrests lawbreakers. The country has an open border policy. However, immigrants must become citizens before they can stay in the country. VolNation supports freedom of speech. It believes that every citizen has the right to freely express their opinions on their government. Even if it means harming its own economy, the government will do whatever is necessary in times of crisis to assist others. VolNation won’t make deals with any country that has a history of inhumane treatment of its citizens.

National Background

VolNation was born in the aftermath of the Tennessee Lady Vols’ seventh NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship win! was created in celebration of the achievement and as a permanent memorial to the true values of sportsmanship. VolNation was founded by Philip The Great. He established the principles of sportsmanship and victory through sports. VolNation prefers that sports be the final craigslist omaha arbiter of our disputes. VolNation recognizes that other nations might choose less honorable ways to resolve disputes or act in an evil or ignoble way. Therefore, it keeps a strong defensive force under the command Gen. Davy Crockett Jr. as Head of VolNation’s armed forces to ensure more practical resolutions through sport at home and through Volunteer assistance to its allies.

VolNation Building Projects

VolNation is proud to announce the grand opening of Johns Memorial Coliseum. It was named after a significant benefactor who made it possible. A new bank was also built to help with ticket sales at the three facilities. The new School of Sport is in operation to train future athletes in sportsmanship, victory, and peace. Also, the church is an Evangelical Christian institution that helps people find peace and love through a relationship with Jesus Christ. also built a harbor so that the VolNavy could sail in to Memphis BBQ whenever there was a sporting event. The Nation also has an intelligence agency that coordinates scouting for opposing teams.

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