Scorpio 2022 Horoscope

A general overview of 2022

Although planetary aspects may not be in harmony for your sign, they will encourage you to be more assertive in your pursuit of your goals and indirectly help you achieve success in your life.

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Scorpions born between November 7th & November 14th will have better prospects this year. They will be respected wherever they go and will have good chances to settle down in their lives. People born between November 14th and November 17th need to be cautious as they may fall for gossip or scandals.

You should take care of legal matters. Avoid getting involved in unneeded controversies during August.

  • Financial

This year, your financial position will fluctuate in an alternating cycle. Due to rising expenditure, it may be difficult to save enough to meet your goals.

It is not the best time to make major investments, as there is always the possibility of problems with property transactions. Moderate profits can be made from speculative investments.

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You can expect your investments to appreciate this year, but it is important that you are careful when making new investments. Avoid risky financial transactions if you don’t have the best luck this year.

  • Career prospects

Although there are certain obstacles in your career, you will overcome them with your Scorpionic inner strength. Your success will prove your dominance over others.

If you want to avoid unnecessary gossip and scandals, be careful with your interactions with people of the other gender. Avoid unnecessary verbal duel with colleagues at work, regardless of how provoked you may feel.

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You can act in Scorpio fashion – “Talk softly, but your actions will speak louder than your words.” This year’s mixed luck is for businessmen. Romantic opportunities, friendships, and a social life Trouble could arise from the machinations or uncles/ aunts of cousins and other extended family members.

Siblings and parents will be supportive. To avoid any unnecessary conflicts, be diplomatic with your family members. After a few initial failures, those who are looking to settle down in marital life will be able to tie the knot. Your siblings and children will consider you a lucky mascot.

You can have a happy family life if you’re responsible and avoid the roving eyes syndrome. ).

  • Health

Water-borne diseases, such as ear infections and urinary tract infections, can be a problem. Your mother and father’s health may need extra attention. As long as you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the good things in your life, you will be able maintain good health.

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Important times in 2022

  • The best time to travel is January, February and April.
  • The best time to be with your family/romance: January, April, June and August. October, October, December.
  • The best time to start a new venture is January, February and July.

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