Why is leasing a car better than buying a car?

Leasing a car can be the best option when you’re traveling to a new city for a short period of time, say a few months. OneClickDrive has a generous car lease Dubai offers and you can take advantage of it. All you’ve to do is give us a call.

Besides your short stay, there are other reasons why leasing a car takes an edge from purchasing it.

1. Leasing has low monthly payments

As compared to buying, leasing has low monthly payments. We calculate your monthly payment based on the actual price of the car, interest rates, and the total number of months that you’d want to keep the car. This benefit can help you get luxury cars like Bentley and Mercedes for a lower price than buying a car from a mediocre brand at the same price.

2. Leasing allows you to try new cars

Leasing a car for a certain period of time allows you to enjoy the top models in the market. In cities like Dubai, you obviously cannot resort to only one car. And in that case, leasing your dream machine for a few months and then going for another one seems to be the right choice.

3. Low maintenance costs

When you lease new cars, they have a certain degree of maintenance costs covered in their warranty. So, you won’t have to incur any maintenance costs at all sometimes.

4. You don’t have to resell the car

Our clients lease luxury cars because they don’t want to indulge in resale worries. After the designated period, they return the car to us and lease another one. They only need to take into account any additional miles driven or any wear and tear beyond repair. We have a flexible set of rules for that as well.

OneClickDrive has made car lease in Dubai quite easy. To get started, call us now and give us all the necessary details.

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