How to Prepare to Pass the Kansas Insurance License Exam

If you intend to be an insurance producer in the state of Kansas, then you will be required to pass the state’s insurance license exam, and specifically the exam reflecting the type of insurance you plan to sell. For example, if you want to sell property and casualty insurance, or life and health insurance in Kansas, then you will need to pass the state’s exam for each of these.

Passing any Kansas insurance license exam is no easy task. There is a lot of information to learn and the tests are formatted in a way so that you can’t pass them by simply memorizing answers from practice exams, and no two tests are ever the same. That said, the best way to pass the test is to invest in a pre-licensing Kansas insurance license exam coursework study guide by America’s Professor: an insurance education company that packages together coursework, customized to Kansas insurance exams, that caters to people who learn in a variety of ways.

Buy Kansas Insurance Exam Study Materials from a Reputable Company

Educational companies create study guides for the Kansas insurance license exam of your choice. Make sure the course material you buy includes textbooks, as well as pre-recorded lecturers. This way you can learn through audible and textual means and increase your comprehension. Make sure the company has lots of testimonials and good reviews from other people who bought the Kansas insurance license exam coursework.

Create a Study Area Free from Distractions

You may not be working on your doctorate in Victorian literature, but the type of studying you are about to engage in still requires a great degree of focus, and this means you need a designated area in your home free from distraction. Many people make the mistake of studying at the dining room table while family members walk  by and get on with their daily routine. This is a bad place to study because it’s difficult to focus on your coursework. Others will study in the same room where they watch TV, and even if the TV is switched off, this can still be a distraction that pecks at your subconscious.

Instead, create a designated area of the home just for studying. You could use a guest room, convert a large closet into a study area, or use a room divider in the garage or basement to create a calming area for studying. Paint the area in bright, cheerful colors and add a few plants. Studies show that people comprehend information much better in their studies when they are in bright, cheery rooms with plants.

Set Aside Study Time and Make No Excuses

In order to prepare for the Kansas insurance license exam, you will need to dedicate a set daily time slot to going over your course material. If you have a full-time job, a family, and other obligations, then you need to find at least two hours a day to shut out the rest of the world around you and focus only on studying for the Kansas insurance exam. If you can study right after you wake up it is ideal, as most people retain the most information fresh after a night’s sleep when the brain has had time to recover during the sleep process.

Finally, when dedicating set times to study for the Kansas insurance exam, stick to it! If friends call and invite you out, suggest another time that doesn’t interfere with studying. It is critical to form a study routine and habit, and stick to it. Socializing and family time can take place at any other period.

Buy a Kansas Insurance Exam Coursework Packet that Includes Practice Exams

Another way to prepare for the Kansas insurance license exam is to take practice tests. Just be aware that memorizing answers won’t help you pass, but taking practice exams will help you gain your confidence and prepare you for how the actual test will be formatted. Studies show that more than 90% of people who pass practice exams without memorizing questions and answers, will pass the real test.

Find Someone to Quiz You

When you invest in Kansas license exam coursework from an educational company, you will likely receive practice tests. And while these are helpful, you should also look for other sources to “test you”. Asf a family member or friend to quiz you on the material covered in the practice exams. Also, ask them to look at your notes and quiz you on those two. This process will help you learn terms, state laws, and policy details.

Use Index Cards for Note Taking

When we write things down, the information is easier to recall from your brain. Studies show that writing versus typing improves comprehension and memory. That said, buy a set of blank index cards and write down notes critical to the information you will need to learn. You can also create a second set of index cards that function as flash cards–make a game of these and have someone quiz you.

The Night Before Your Exam

One of the best ways to prepare for the Kansas insurance license exam is to study for two hours right before going to bed, and you should get at least eight hours of sleep. Studying material right before a solid night of sleep will enable you to better retain all the details and confidently recall them during the time you take the exam. Also, if you can choose the time you take your exam, try to do so in the morning within 3 hours from the time you wake up.

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