Four Eye-Catching Sunglasses for You

The simplest way to look good in autumn is to wear cool sunglasses. During autumn, we all wish to spend some quality time outside rather than staying all day in our homes. Sunglasses look good with almost any type of outfit you are wearing. It just needs a little research before buying a pair of sunglasses that could fit any outfit.

Of course, it can get a little annoying to look for suitable sunglasses from thousands of collections at SmartBuyGlasses. Don’t worry! In this article, we will mention a few of the popular sunglasses that can elevate your looks in an instant.

Moreover, as autumn is here, this means that you will be exposed to dangerous and harmful rays that are emitted from the sun such as UV light, Cataracts and other harmful rays.

We suggest that you buy yourselves a pair of transition lenses which feature a photochromic material. This material can adjust to the light that passes through the lens, that is, the lens will adapt to high-light and low intensity of light depending on the weather. This is a perfect tool to carry around with you if you wish to stay outside for a longer period of time.

Given all the extra amount of time spent outdoors this season, the transition lens offers a balanced amount of protection from the effects of UV rays and many more.


1.     Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Polarized 990/58

These sunglasses have been popular since the 1950’s and are still a must-have this year as well. They perfectly blend in with vintage and stylish designs which will surely bring out your inner intelligence. An extra advantage of these sunglasses is the protection from glare that is caused by reflective surfaces of water, shiny car hoods, and windows on a sunny day.

2.     Arise Collective X WWF Reef Cycle Grey


Featuring this matte black colour, these sunglasses are sustainable and were fabricated from dangerous ocean nets in order to save marine animals. SmartBuyGlasses has collaborated with WWF New Zealand to release sustainable sunglasses, made with upcycled gill nets gathered from the Great Barrier Reef. Show off your love of the planet with WWF Arise Sunglasses.

3.     Hawkers Rush hour Ocean HRUS20WLM0

These are pilot shaped sunglasses that give out an optical illusion of frame-in-frame. They are made of stainless steel and are new to the market. That means that you should definitely go for these sunglasses as they will look perfectly in any face shape. These sunglasses also offer protection from dangerous UV rays with their category 3 UV400 lenses.

4.     Smart Buy Collection Coby Blue-Light Block A85D:

They are transparent frames and versatile because they match with any color of the skin. Furthermore, they offer blue light coating which protects the eyes from the harmful blue light emitting from your digital screens due to excessing surfing and working on the internet.

5.     Oakley OX5141 DEADBOLT 514103:

Oakley specs offer a gravity-defying look to the wearer. Also, they are extremely weightless and durable because of the titanium frames. Going into summer weather, these sunglasses will prove to be valuable to those with rectangular or square faces as the frames blend the sharp edges of such bone structures.

Apart from that,

You can view thousands of different variants of sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses because they keep hitting us with new deals all year round. They have over 80,000 different sunglasses from 180 reputable budget brands today.

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