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Procedure for claiming insurance on a car

What Is an Insurance Claim?


An insurance claim is a formal demand to pay a person to their claiming insurance company. If an incident is covered by the policy, then a claim may be made. Payment from a claim is typically used to repair or replace the property or to cover health-related costs due to an injury.

Definitions and examples of insurance claims

A claim is essentially the request you make to your insurance provider. If you claim, the property you own has been damaged, or you’ve been injured or an event mentioned in the policy contract that could trigger a payout has taken place. You can only claim something which is the result of one of the named perils listed in your policy. Your policy will cover and compensate you for any loss or damage. After you’ve paid part of the costs an claim is an attempt to receive compensation.

In the case of example, if for instance you have collision car insurance and are involved in an accident with a driver then you’ll need to make a claim with the insurance company that covers your car to pay (or reimburse) the costs that stem from the collision so you don’t have to pay out from your pockets.

How does an insurance claim work?

There are a variety of factors that will influence the way your claims process appears. It could include sending out documents in person, calling a representative using the app of your company, or a combination of these actions.

Your claims process depends on how much you’ll need to pay before your provider does, called the “deductible.” You pay your deductible, and the provider covers the remainder of the loss. If you are looking for your basic coverage, search for the declaration section of your policy. You will be able to locate it.

The process for claiming will depend on the type of claim you’re making. It isn’t easy to submit a claim on the home or your personal property. There is a possibility of meeting with adjusters. It is possible to attend a meeting, have estimates accepted, or repair or replace items as well as be required to attend meetings with them. The procedure for health insurance may be different in that it typically takes place without your involvement.

Payments Depend on Your Policy

Before you begin the claim process, you may want to review how your provider will pay a claim. There is a chance that you have a friend who has received more than the amount for the same type of damage or loss. A lot of people believe this is due to the fact that one person has a better provider. But this isn’t always true. When you purchase your insurance, you can choose the type of coverage you want. For better coverage, the person who has received the most from their claims may have to be required to pay a higher rate.

The best method to avoid this is to be certain about the types of expenses and contents or personal property is covered and determine if there are any particular limitations or restrictions. Also, consider the details of the items you’re protecting. For instance, if, for example, you purchase homeowners insurance, and you have extra structures within your home, determine the extent to which your policy covers any claims relating to the structure and its contents.

Motor Vehicle Insurance in India is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Motor vehicle insurance covers the third-party risk arising from the use of a motor vehicle and also the risk of damage to a vehicle. Indian people neither concern about Life Insurance Plan nor Medical Insurance plan, however they are more concern on Motor Vehicle Insurance either they are driving a Scooter or an automobile or bike or a truck. If someone is injured while driving without insurance is treated as an offense.

Everyone has a car nowadays and the chance of an accident is dangerous. The insurance companies that insure motor vehicles are expanding each day and claims are rising. Many policyholders don’t know how to do to obtain their Car Insurance Claim Process. We will walk you through the procedure how to claim on your car insurance policy. This will help you a lot.

How do you file a claim for your Car Insurance Claim

We will understand this procedure in some scenario step by step so it will be simple for us.

For claims for personal damage

These steps will help you submit an claim for damages should your car is involved an accident.

Inform the insurance company

In the first place, you must inform to the insurer as soon as possible. You have to submit a duly filled in claim form along with all required documentation to the insurance company before you can take your car to the garage for any repairs. The forms are available on the web pages of insurance providers. Most insurance companies adhere to strict guidelines and are included in the policy document.

Lodge FIR

For some cases, it is necessary to file a First Information Report (FIR) is required. To ensure your safety You can file an FIR with the closest police station. While it is not required to settle claims, it is advised to submit an FIR. It depends on the condition.

Examine the extent of damage

after you have informed the insurance company, they will appoint a surveyor who will assess the extent of damage to your vehicle. He will prepare a report and pass it to the insurance provider. You will also receive a copy and then you can take your vehicle to the nearest garage in the network for repair.Note: If the damage is serious, the surveyors will arrive at the scene of the collision as soon as possible for a the survey.

Claim settlement

When the survey report has been received by the insurance company, the company will review the claim and approve the garage. The garage will have to provide an estimated cost for repairs to the vehicle and a timeline for the same. To get a full view of the vehicle’s damage and how the repairs are progressing the insurance company will call the network garage.

Once the project is complete After the work is completed, you must collect the signed and dated invoices and documents out of the garage and hand them to surveyor. Surveyor will then forward the information to the insurance company.

If all the documents are filled out, the insurance company will pay your expenses. Be aware that there will be some obligatory deductible and variable deductible components according to the policy documents. Once your claim has been settled and your car is in good condition, you are able to drive again.

Car insurance claim process for a third party claim If you’re responsible for an accident where the other party suffers injuries or property damage Here’s what you need to do:

Provide information to the insurance provider

First and foremost you should notify your service provider immediately. Don’t make financial commitments to any third entity.

Lodge FIR

Lodge FIR at the closest police station and keep an original duplicate of the FIR for later reference as well.

Documentation on Share policy

To make it possible for third parties to file a claim it is recommended that you make available a copy of your insurance policy for your vehicle.

Motor Tribunal – Claim

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 Third-party liability claims can be brought before the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). The claim may be filed by the third-party at the tribunal nearest to their residence or to yours.

After you have received all the documentation The insurance provider will verify the documents and assess the accident and if found satisfactory, you’ll be given a lawyer appointed by them.

If the court orders you to pay the damages to the third party in the future the insurance firm will immediately transfer the debt to the third party. It is recommended to check whether the issue can be settled amicably outside the court.

Claim for the theft

Follow the steps listed below If you suspect that your vehicle was taken.

Lodge FIR

To be able to refer back later, file an FIR with the closest police station and also keep an original.

Provide information to the insurance provider

It is recommended to inform your service provider at earliest possible time, along with a copy the FIR

After you have received the police station’s final report, you should take a copy and forward it to your insurance company. An investigator will be assigned by your insurance company. Investigators will write the report and then submit it to insurance company. Once this is complete you can send the RC Book of the vehicle that was stolen to the insurance company.

Submit the duplicate keys of the vehicle and also the subrogation form. An indemnity that is notarized must be filed on a stamped paper. After all formalities have been completed the insurance company will pay the claim.

In the absence of knowing how to file a car insurance claim, many people are forced to pay out of their pocket. Today, the entire insurance service provider’s having a very good customer support network and their teams are well-trained and cooperative therefore you need to contact your insurance company whenever you require it.

Car Insurance Claim Settlement FAQs

How is a claim settled in the case of theft of the insured car?

In the case of theft of a vehicle , a claim can be made by following the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Register an FIR (First Information Report) at the nearest police station. Also, inform your insurance. The police will monitor your vehicle for up to 90 days. Following that the police will issue you a report that’s not traceable.
  • Step 2. If the police are unable to locate the car insured within the specified timeframe then a court will issue an Non Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • 3. After the issuance of a NOC, the insurer undertakes an investigation from its side to locate the vehicle. If the insurer fails to locate the vehicle the claim settlement process is started. Step 4: It is considered theft. total loss, the insurer will give you the insurance deductibility of the car after deducting any applicable deductibles.

Where can I find the nearest garage associated with my insurance?

For locating the closest garage that is authorised by your insurer or insurer, call and enquire on the customer service line of the insurer, or search for it on the insurer’s official website. This option is usually found in the claims section of the site under the heading “list of network garages’.

What documents should I send?

If the vehicle is in the garage to be repaired, policyholders must submit the documents to the surveyor.

What is the role played by the surveyor in the settlement process?

Any policyholder can file a claim and the insurance company will send an inspector to examine your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. The surveyor will submit an assessment of the amount of the damage to the insurance company in order to settle the claim.

What if an insurance policy was cancelled a day prior to the accident?

There is no way to make a claim if your car insurance policy has expired. Therefore, it is crucial to renew the policy on time as no claim will be made in the event of an expired policy.

What are the required documents to file a claim?

To file a claim you must have a copy of an FIR (in the case there is an incident) and ID proof. the proof of address, as well as the policy details.

Are natural calamities covered under the insurance of your car?

Yes natural disasters, such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, and cyclone are covered. Both Comprehensive and Standalone Own Damage car insurance plans will cover these.

What does the No Claim Bonus mean?

The No Claim Bonus a benefit given by the insurance company to the policy holder at the time renewal of the insurance policy in exchange for not making any claims during the duration of the policy.

How can a claim be paid in cash?

Whenever the repair is done in a network garage owned by the insurance company, a claim can be settled in a cashless manner.

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