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How to clean your air conditioner so it runs like new all summer

Summer is in full swing and scorching hot days are common. This means that your air conditioner has been working overtime. For central AC systems, it is best to hire a professional to inspect the unit, check the wiring, and ensure it’s running efficiently. You can clean and repair a portable AC unit or window AC unit yourself, without having to spend money on new equipment.┬áis a fantastic aircon servicing firm based in Singapore that specializes providing air Conditioning maintenance and Aircon Installations in Singapore that covers all kinds of air conditioning units.

How to clean AC filters

Clogged filters and coils (which we’ll get at in a moment) make your AC unit work harder and consume more energy to cool your home. This is not only more expensive but also results in less cooling. Aircon Service Singapore states that cleaning and/or changing filters should be the first thing. Every air conditioner comes with an air filter. If you don’t clean or change it, your airflow will be ineffective and weak. Here are the steps:

Central AC Unit Filters

Aircon Service Singapore suggests that central AC units be inspected every 30-60 days. This is to check for dirt or dust. People who have pets or children might need to change the filter every other month. Those who don’t have many visitors might only need to change it once a month.

Window AC Unit Filters

If you have a portable, wall-mounted or window air conditioner, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to open it and take out the filter.

How to Clean AC Coils

The coils are responsible for moving the cold and hot air. Make sure that they are clean and free from dirt and dust. You can clean the outdoor condenser unit in a central air conditioning system before calling a professional to inspect it. Aircon Service Singapore advises that you inspect the unit to see if any dirt, grass clippings or other debris is blocking the exterior fins. Turn off the unit, and then spray the exterior fins with a hose. Be careful not to get the electrical box moistened. It should dry completely before you turn it on again.

Additional AC Unit Maintenance Tips

You must ensure that nothing is blocking the unit. Aircon Service Singapore that airflow is crucial to cooling systems. Aircon Service Singapore recommends a minimum of 12 inches clearance for your central air conditioner’s outside unit.

You should always check for any common problems. You should always check for leakages, weak airflow, and icy coils in all models. This could be a sign of a blocked filter or an air conditioner that is not working properly.

When to call a professional. A leaky central air conditioner can also indicate that its tubes and pumps are damaged or blocked. This will make it time to call a professional. Aircon Service Singapore that Freon is not subject to wear and will last for a long time. If Freon levels drop, it could be leaking out. If this is the case, a professional will inspect the source of the leakage in the central or window AC unit.

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